Intelligent Incontinence Cleaning Robot to Help the Elderly Enjoy High-Quality Later Life

Have you nursed a bedridden family?

Have you been bedridden due to illness yourself?

It's difficult to find a caregiver even if you have money, and you're out of breath just to clean up after an elderly person's bowel movement. When you've helped to change the clean clothes, the elderly defecate again, and you have to start all over again. The problem of only urine and feces has exhausted you. A few days of neglect may even lead to bedsores for the elderly person...

Or maybe you have a personal experience, having undergone surgery or illness and being unable to take care of yourself. Each time you feel embarrassed and to reduce the trouble for your loved ones, you eat and drink less just to preserve that last bit of dignity.

Have you or your friends and family had such embarrassing and exhausting experiences?

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According to data from the National Aging Commission, in 2020, more than 42 million disabled elderly people over 60 years old in China, of whom at least one in six cannot take care of themselves. Due to the lack of social care, behind these alarming figures, at least tens of millions of families are troubled by the problem of caring for disabled elderly people, which is also a global problem that society is concerned about.

Nowadays, the development of human-machine interaction technology also provides the possibility for the emergence of nursing robots. The application of robots in medical and home health care is regarded as the most explosive new market in the robotics industry. The output value of care robots accounts for about 10% of the overall robotics industry, and there are more than 10,000 professional care robots in use worldwide. Intelligent incontinence cleaning robot is a very popular application in nursing robots.

Intelligent incontinence cleaning robot is an intelligent nursing product developed by Shenzhen Zuowei Technology Co., Ltd. for elderly people who cannot take care of themselves and other bedridden patients. It can automatically sense the excretion of urine and feces by patients, and achieve automatic cleaning and drying of urine and feces, providing 24-hour unattended companionship for the elderly.    

Intelligent incontinence cleaning robot changes traditional manual care to fully automatic robot care. When patients urinate or defecate, the robot automatically senses it, and the main unit immediately starts to extract urine and feces and store them in the sewage tank. After the process is over, clean warm water is automatically sprayed inside the box, washing the patient's private parts and the collection container. After washing, warm air drying is immediately carried out, which not only helps caregivers work with dignity but also provides comfortable care services for bedridden patients, allowing disabled elderly people to live with dignity.

Zuowei intelligent incontinence cleaning robot provides a comprehensive solution for a patient who has incontinence. It has received unanimous praise from all parties after clinical trials and use in hospitals and nursing homes, making incontinence care for disabled elderly people no longer a problem and more straightforward.

Under the enormous pressure of global aging, the shortage of caregivers cannot meet the demand for care services, and the solution is to rely on robots to complete the care with insufficient manpower and reduce the overall cost of care.

Post time: May-19-2023