What are your advantages in this industry?

A: We have more than 10 years of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, medical devices, and clinical medicine translation. The company focuses on the nursing content of the aging population, the disabled and dementia, and strives to create: robot nursing + intelligent nursing platform + intelligent medical care system. We are committed to becoming the top service provider of intelligent nursing aids in the medical and health field.

Why choose Zuowei?

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How does a Smart Incontinence Cleaning Robot(Model NO. ZW279Pro) work?

(1). The process of urine cleaning.

Urine Detected ---- Suck Out Sewage---The middle nozzle spray water, cleaning the private parts/ Suck Out Sewage ----The lower nozzle spray water, cleaning the working head(bedpan)/Suck Out Sewage----Warm Air Drying

(2). The process of excrement cleaning.

Excrement Detected ---- Suck Out E---The lower nozzle spray water, cleaning private parts/ Suck Out Sewage ----The lower nozzle spray water, cleaning the working head(bedpan)/-----The middle nozzle spray water, cleaning the private parts/ Suck Out Sewage-----Warm Air Drying

What should we pay attention to during transportation of Smart Incontinence Cleaning Robot(Model NO. ZW279Pro)?

Be sure to keep the drain of the water in the product before packing and shipment.

Please well set the host machine with the foam to keep good protection during the shipment.

Does it have any bad smell when the Smart Incontinence Cleaning Robot(Model No.ZW279Pro) is working?

The host machine is equipped with anion deodorization function, which will keep the indoor air fresh.

Is Smart Incontinence Cleaning Robot(Model No.ZW279Pro) convenient to use?

It is easy to use. It only takes 2 minutes for the caregiver to place the working head (bedpan) on the user. We recommend removing the working head weekly and cleaning the working head and tubing. When the patient wears the working head for a long time, the robot will regularly ventilate, nano-antibacterial, and automatically dry. Caregivers only need to replace the clean water and waste tanks daily.

Pipe and working head cleaning and disinfection treatment of the Smart Incontinence Cleaning Robot(Model NO. ZW279Pro)

1. The tubing and working head are dedicated to each patient, and the host can serve different patients after replacing the new tubing and working head.

2. When disassembling, please lift the working head and the pipe to keep the sewage flowing back to the main engine sewage pool. This prevents sewage from leaking.

3. Pipeline cleaning and disinfection: flush the sewage pipe with clean water, make the pipe end downward to clean with water, spray the pipe joint with dibromopropane disinfectant, and rinse the inner wall of the sewage pipe.

4. Cleaning and disinfection of the working head: Clean the inner wall of the bedpan with a brush and water, and spray and rinse the working head with dibromopropane disinfectant.

What should users pay attention when use the Smart Incontinence Cleaning Robot(Model NO. ZW279Pro)?

1. It is strictly forbidden to add hot water over 40℃ into the water purification bucket.

2. When cleaning the machine, the power must be cut off first. Do not use organic solvents or corrosive detergents.

3. Please read this manual in detail before use and operate the machine in strict accordance with the operating methods and precautions in this manual. In case of redness and blistering of the skin caused by the user's physique or improper wearing, please stop using the machine immediately and wait for the skin to return to normal before using it again.

4. Do not put cigarette butts or other flammable materials on the surface or inside the Host to prevent damage to the product or fire.

5. Water must be added to the water purification bucket, when the residual water in the water purification bucket, heating water tank for more than 3 days without use, you need to clean up the residual water and then add water.

6. Do not pour water or other liquids into the Host to prevent damage to the product or the risk of electric shock.

7. Do not disassemble the Robot by non-professional personnel to avoid damage to personnel and equipment.

Does Smart Incontinence Cleaning Robot (Model NO. ZW279Pro)need daily maintenance?

Yes, the product must be power off before maintenance.

1. Take out the separator of the heating tank every once in a while (about one month) and wipe the surface of the heating tank and the separator to remove water moss and other attached dirt.

2. While the machine is not used for a long time, please unplug the plug, empty the water filter bucket and the sewage bucket, and put the water in the heating water tank away.

3. Replace the deodorizing component box every six months to achieve the best air purification effect.

4. Hose assembly and working head should be replaced every 6 months.

5. If the machine was not used for a longer time than one month, please plugin and start the power for 10 minutes to protect the stability of the internal circuit board.

6  Do the leakage protection test every two months.  (Request: Do not wearing to the human body when testing. Press the yellow button on the plug. If the machine power off, it shows that the leakage protection function is good. If it can't be power off, please don't use the machine.  And keep the machine sealed and feedback to the dealer or manufacturer.)

7. In case of difficulty plug the interfaces of the host machine, both ends of the pipe, and the pipe interface of the working head with a sealing ring,  the outer part of the sealing ring can be lubricated with detergent or silicone oil.  During the use of the machine, please check the sealing ring of each interface irregularly for falling off, deformation and damage, and replace the sealing ring if necessary.

How to prevent the side leakage of the urine and feces?

1. Confirm whether the user is too thin or not, and choose a suitable diaper according to the user's body type.

2. Check whether the pants, diapers, and working head are worn tightly;  If it does not fit properly, please re-wear it again.

3. It suggests that the patient should be lying flat in the bed, and the body lateral lying not more than 30 degrees to prevent the side leakage of body discharges.

4. If there is a small amount of side leakage, the machine can be operated in manual mode for drying.