Home Care, Community Care or Institutional Care, How to Choose

When the elderly have reached a certain age, they will need someone to take care of them. In the future family and society, who will take care of the elderly has become an unavoidable problem.

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01.Home Care

Advantages: Family members or nurses can directly take care of the elderly's daily life at home; the elderly can maintain a good condition in a familiar environment and have a good sense of belonging and comfort. 

Disadvantages: The elderly lack professional health services and nursing services; if the elderly live alone, it is difficult to take immediate measures in case of sudden illness or accident.

02.Community Care

Community elderly care generally refers to the government setting up micro-elderly care institutions in the community to provide health management, rehabilitation guidance, psychological comfort and other services for the elderly in the surrounding communities

Advantages: Community home-based care takes into account family care and social out-of-home care, which makes up for the shortcomings of home care and institutional care. The elderly can have their own social environment, free time, and convenient access 

Disadvantages: The service area is limited, regional services vary greatly, and some community services may not professional; some residents in the community will reject this type of service. 

03.Institutional Care

Institutions that provide comprehensive services such as food and living, sanitation, life care, cultural and sports entertainment for the elderly, usually in the form of nursing homes, apartments for the elderly, nursing homes, etc.

Advantages: Most of them provide 24-hour butler service to ensure that the elderly can receive care all day; supporting medical facilities and professional nursing services are conducive to the adjustment and recovery of the elderly's physical functions. 

Disadvantages:The elderly may not adapt to the new environment; institutions with less activity space may have a psychological burden on the elderly, such as fear of being restrained and losing freedom; the long distance may make it inconvenient for family members to visit the elderly.

04.Writer's point of view

Whether it is family care, community care or institutional care, our ultimate goal is for the elderly to have a healthy and happy life in their later years and have their own social circle. Then it is very important to choose nursing equipment and institutions with good reputation and professional qualifications. Communicate with the elderly more and understand their needs, so as to reduce the occurrence of bad situations. Don't be greedy for cheap and choose care facilities and institutions that cannot guarantee quality.

The intelligent incontinence cleaning robot is an intelligent nursing product developed by Shenzhen Zowei Technology Co., Ltd. for the elderly who cannot take care of themselves and other bedridden patients. It can automatically sense the patient's urine and feces excretion for 24 hours, realize automatic cleaning and drying of urine and urine, and provide a clean and comfortable sleeping environment for the elderly.

Finally, it is our goal to help nursing staff have a decent job, enable the disabled elderly to live with dignity, and serve the children of the world with quality filial piety.

Post time: May-19-2023