Global New Product Launch Event – ZUOWEI Invites You To Witness!

Dining Robot Launching

After years of design and development, the new product is finally coming out. The global launch event of the new products is going to be held on May 31st at the Shanghai 2023 International Exhibition of Senior Care, Rehabilitation Medicine and Healthcare (CHINA AID), in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre- Booth NO. W3 A03.

The aging of the population, the advanced age of the elderly population, the empty nesting of elderly families, and the weakening of the elderly's ability to take care of themselves are a series of problems that are becoming increasingly serious. Many elderly people who have problems with their hands have difficulties in eating and need to be fed by caregivers.

To solve the problems of long times by manual feeding and shortage of caregivers, ZUOWEI will launch its first feeding robot at this launch event to Innovatively develop home care services for the elderly. This robot makes it possible for elderly people or groups with weak upper limb strength to eat independently.

The Benefits of Independent eating

Independent eating is something that most cultures consider an important activity of daily living. It is not always fully understood that people who are unable to feed themselves can benefit greatly if they can gain control over eating. The activity of eating influences many of the known psychological benefits associated with greater independence, such as improved dignity and self-esteem and reduced feelings of being a burden to their caregiver

When one is being fed it is not always easy to know exactly when food is going to be placed in your mouth. Those providing food can change their mind and pause, or alternatively, speed up the food presentation depending upon what is occurring at the time. Also, they might change the angle at which the utensil is presented. Furthermore, if the person providing the food is in a hurry they might feel compelled to rush the meal. This is an especially common occurrence in facilities like nursing homes. Presenting food hurriedly, typically results in the person being fed taking the food from the utensil, regardless of whether or not they are ready for it. They will continually take the food when it is offered, even if they have not swallowed the previous bite. This pattern increases the likelihood of choking and/or aspiration.

It is common for older people to require a protracted time to eat even a small meal. However, in many institutional settings, they are required to eat quickly (generally due to staff shortages at mealtimes), and the result is indigestion following a meal, and over time, the development of GERD. The long-term consequence is that the person is reluctant to eat because their stomach is upset and they are in pain. This can cause a downward health spiral with weight loss and undernutrition as a result.

Calling and Inviting

To raise awareness of the needs of older people with disabilities and to explore ways to meet their needs, we sincerely invite you to attend this global new product launch to develop friendships, look forward to the future, and create brilliance together!

At the same time, we will invite leaders from some government departments, experts and scholars, and many entrepreneurs to make speeches and seek common development!

Time: May 31st, 2023

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, booth W3 A03.

We look forward to witnessing the new technology of caring with you!

Post time: May-26-2023