ZW387D-1 Electric Remote Controlled Lift Transfer Chair

TheZW387D-1 has unique remote control function and a large-capacity battery. The electric control system is stable and convenient, so you can easily get the desired height to reduce the care workload. It is a good partner for both caregiver and user because it not only makes the user comfortable to sit but also allows the caregiver to easily transfer the user to many places.

ZW366S Manual Lift Transfer Chair

The transfer chair can move bedridden people or wheelchair-bound
people over short distances and reduce the work intensity of caregivers.
It has the functions of a wheelchair, bedpan chair, and shower chair, and it suits for transferring patients or the elderly to many places like bed, sofa, dining table, bathroom, etc.

ZW388D Electric Lift Transfer Chair

ZW388D is an electric control lift transfer chair with a strong and durable high-strength steel structure. You can easily adjust the height you want through the electric control button. Its four medical-grade silent casters make movement smooth and steady, and it is also equipped with a removable commode.

ZW387D Electric Lift Transfer Chair

The electric lift transfer chair solves the difficult points in the process of nursing such as mobility and transferring.

Zuowei266 Electric Lift Tolit Chair

It is easy to operate, lift and help the elderly or people with knee discomfort to use the toilet, they can easily use it independently.